thirty eight y.o. indonesian female. wife of a computer geek who is the best cook in the world. mother of two wonderful children. daughter. sister. aunt. crooked teeth *under construction with braces right now* straight teeth, but had eight taken out. medical receptionist. iowa, usa. goofball. photo enthusiast. corrective/contact lenses. traveler. ex smoker. started exercising every day in august 2011. cardio kick boxing and resistance training. dengue haemorrhagic fever (dhf) survivor. computer game addict. agnostic. blood fear. dislike narrow-mindedness. ex journalist. need 12 oz of coffee on weekdays. a bit of a clean freak. like sleeping too much. gutless flip-flopper. like the smell of new paper/stationery. seasonal depression (winter). always miss jakarta. fast learner. multitasker. can’t stand the sound of pots/pans rubbing together. mom’s side of family: dutch and north sumatra (batak/mandailing/harahap), dad’s side of family: malay and south sumatra (palembang/komring/syarifuddin). fond of horror/thriller movies. a believer of spongebob squarepants. studied industrial engineering for five years in indonesia, ended up working as a journalist. learned early childhood/elementary education for a while in the u.s., is now working in health industry. life’s so contradicting.