When I was Googling images for “youth tennis” yesterday to get some ideas on how to take better pictures, I noticed that one of my pictures stored in Flickr under my own account is being used by somebody else without my permission.

That picture was taken by myself in an event called IA Drake/Ames Tennis Academy Winter Invitational is Des Moines, IA back in November of 2009. I originally stored that picture in Flickr which I was a “pro” member (meaning I paid the annual fee to have my pictures stored in Flickr:

I had set the license to “All Rights Reserved” instead of granting people the right to use my work without asking. I’m surprised to see that whoever put my work in their website without asking could just take it under Flickr’s nose.

I emailed Yahoo’s Copyright/IP Policy department yesterday, to better understand how anybody could take my picture from Flickr. I tried to do the same thing. I looked for a different picture with the same license setting (All Rights Reserved), but when I right clicked on that picture, it will not let me copy/save it. Instead it shows “This photo is © All Rights Reserved”. So how did they get mine?

This morning, I contacted the “Tennis &  Racquet Sports” website owner who published my picture. I could not find any email address so I left a message on their ‘Contact’ page; hoping it will reach the person who is responsible for the site. I introduced myself as the owner othe work, that I’m fine for them to use my work but they’d have to mention me for the work that I have done. Also, to ask if they could ask permission first before using anybody’s work. Especially when it’s clearly copyrighted.

We’ll see who is going to respond first…