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Last month, our daughter Davi participated in two tennis tournaments. ‘IA Ames Tennis Academy Junior Open’ in Ames on Nov 6-8, 2009 and ‘IA Drake/Ames Tennis Academy Winter Invitational’ in Des Moines on Nov 20-22, 2009. These events were Davi’s 5th and 6th tournament since she started doing tournaments this summer.

Unlike her first one, ‘Omaha Quickstart 8 & 10 & under Tournament’ in Omaha, NE, these two were more organized; especially for the Girls’ 10 Singles age group. They even ordered pizza for everybody. Kudos to Ames Tennis’ director, Ryan Roeth.

The officials in Omaha were not in unison about the set up for the match at all. My daughter ended up playing more sets compared to other players at the other courts. The line referrees were somewhat passive on helping the players keep score, thus encouraging some players to cheat. One young girl who was Davi’s line referree tried to ‘warn’ Davi’s opponent in the final not to call it out so many times when it was clearly in.

The parents were also nicer here. Nobody lied to me about the number of tournaments their kids’ had done. The mother of Cari Naanep, a very talented 8 year old girl who beat Davi in the Girls 10 Singles (IA Ames Tennis Academy Junior Open) semifinal was very kind and supportive. She told me that Davi was very good for her age and not to give up on doing tournaments. She even offered me her phone number if Davi would like to play double with Cari. This kind of encouragement from the parent of a successful player, is rare.

Davi played in two age groups in both tournaments, Co-ed 8 Singles (meaning she’ll play both girls and boys) and Girls’ 10 Singles. She managed to be the runner up for the Co-ed 8 Singles in both tournaments (there were 14 players in Ames’ tournament and 10 in Des Moines’ tournament which she played against boys in all four matches); and won the Girls’ 10 Singles title for the Des Moines’ tournament.

Click here to see the photo montage of ‘IA AMes Tennis Academy Junior Open’.

Click here to see the photo montage of ‘IA Drake/Ames Tennis Academy Winter Invitational’.