I apologize for not updating my blog recently. A quick recap about our life recently: Halloween (our first involvement as a family, because us adults like to play too; can’t let the kids have all the fun now, can we?), Davi’s 5th tennis tournament (with a very awkward moment when one of the players threw a temper tantrum), and a surprised trip to Orlando, FL (space shuttle is so cool!).

Let’s start with Halloween story. This year it’s particularly busy for us because of the number of parties and events. We decided this year that the adults are going to partake in the fun and craziness of Halloween. We got a pair of made-to-order ‘devil masks’ with silicone material. His mask is so scary and devilish, earning him the nick name ‘Satan’ and ‘Lucifer’. Mine, although scary also, but it’s more ‘cute-alien-look’ scary. We wore the masks to go to a custome party on 10/23 with our kids who were dressing up as a cop and a hippy chick.

About a month before Halloween, hubby told me that it has been his childhood dream to have a haunted garage. “Now that I have the money to achieve that, could we please do it?” What wife could say ‘no’ in this situation? The mother in me could not crush someone’s childhood dream, especially my husband’s.

So his research (and online ordering) started about a month before H-day. He got the props and electronic stuff mostly from eBay. After the 7th big box shipment to our home, I finally asked, “Honey, how much more is coming?”

“A lot.”

“How much is ‘a lot’? I guess when you said let’s do something fun for Halloween in the garage, I thought it only be a couple of hundred dollars.”

“I don’t think you’ d want to know.”

“Three hundreds? Five? Six? Do I need to worry.”

“Don’t worry, hun. I budgeted everything.”

Oh dear

I have to give him the credit, though. He prepared the garage all by himself, with a help of his two buddies. They made this entry way which replaced the one-car garage door from styrofoam material. They cut it, shaped it, grooved it, painted it, and decorated it so it looked like a stone black brick wall with skulls on the archway. They made a square hole with bars over it for the TV. We had the TV hooked with a DVD player which played haunting DVD, ordered also from eBay -bunch of different scary people in the dark looking up, down, and staring at you; giving an eerie feeling that there’s somebody psycho behind the bars waiting for you.

Inside the garage, hubby made a ‘maze’ for people to walk around and got scared by different props (I was one of the props). He attached some railings on the ceiling and hung tarps from it, creating the ‘maze’. In the middle of the garage, in a closed area, is the ‘control room’. Hubby had placed his customized computer from his office in the basement along with two amps. In this cramped and tiny ‘control room’, wires and cables were everywhere, so he won’t let anybody in there but him.

He stayed up late a lot to get the haunted garage ready. Even took a week off work, a week before H-day. We only inform close friends about this and did not make any public announcements at all, because he did not think it’d be ready by then. But by mid afternoon on Halloween day, he announced that everything is done and ready to go. So in about a couple of hours before Trick-or-Treating started (5:30 pm in our town), we put up a sign that our haunted garage is open around 8:30-10:00 am for age 8 and older. We had approximately 30++ people showed up. I didn’t know that scaring people would be so fun!

Since then, we heard from friends that our haunted garage was being mentioned a lot. So I guess hubby’s childhood dream was a success and more likely to be continued next year with a different props and tricks!