Parents, please STOP it! If you’re taking your cranky kid to a doctor’s office for someone else’s appointment (be it your neighbor, spouse, parents, etc); DO NOT just sit on your fat ass and let your kid screams and cries and throwing temper tantrums for the whole frickin’ 40 minutes!

While your spouse/neighbor/parent is being seen by the doctor, take your screaming kid elsewhere. Don’t you have any shame? Other patients are sick too. Somebody with a migraine doesn’t need to listen to your brat crying his lungs out. Other patient who’s being seen for a depression check, doesn’t want to add more depression by listening to your kid screaming.

How could you be so ignorant and just sit there reading PEOPLE magazine and let your brat rolling on the carpet, kicking the chair, and screaming? It’s probably why your kid is misbehaving, because you don’t discipline them. If I were you, I would take him/her to the car. He/she can scream until the face is blue, inside the car, and not bugging everybody else, especially those who don’t feel well.

Same scenarios I’ve seen in a grocery store or restaurant. If your child is tired, hungry, or just plain bratty; maybe you shouldn’t take them to a public places like that. Maybe you should wait until he/she naps or give them some snacks? It’s just mind boggling to see these parents who won’t/don’t do anything while their kids are throwing temper tantrums. Yes, you should not ‘give in’ to them to ‘teach’ them that by doing so he’d get what they want, but do that teaching in your frickin’ home! Or in the car!