I have nothing against runners/joggers. I think they are a good example of a dedicated person. I’ve seen them running during the winter, in the rain, and scorching summer. Hats off for them. Most of these guys are pretty decent, in terms of etiquette of using/sharing the road.

What piss me off is some of them who act like they are the owner of the road. Not using the sidewalk even though it’s there, but running on the busy road instead. I could understand if it’s in the winter and the sidewalk isn’t plowed. But in the bright sunny summer? We drivers have to be extra careful and move to the other lane. If the road is one lane, then we have to wait patiently behind the jogger until the opposite traffic slows down then we can pass the jogger. Ugh, it’s like scratching nails on a chalkboard… Torture!

Then comes the attitude of ‘The Annoying Runners’. They would not stop running even though the drivers got the right to go because of the green light. This morning, on my way to work, I was waiting at the stop light. When the left arrows turned green, of course I go. I saw this female jogger coming, but I thought she would stop since she noticed three cars were turning left to her direction. She did not stop. She almost hit my car. Then she threw her arms up like she’s frustrated because we didn’t stop for her.

Sorry for the inconvenience, that my journey to work to make some money interrupt your effort to shed some pounds… but you’re not the diva of the road even though you certainly act like one.