Didn’t your parents teach you how to say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ when you ask for something to anybody?
Did you know that if you ask somebody a favor nicely, you’re more than likely to get it?
Weren’t you educated to be polite to everybody, no matter who they are?
Is this about self-absorbed and a need for instant gratification,  ‘acting up’ and demand your way around?
Is being demanding and nasty your way to leash your anger on to others?
Do you know that by showing your rage, anger, tears, attack, whine, self-pity, etc to demand your needs would mean you’re a manipulative person?
Do you know that your ridiculously demanding behavior shows that you’re an insecure person?

“I pity the fool!” – Mr. T 

**To fellow receptionists/customer services: “Hang in there!”