Despite the fact that I would never, ever, declare myself as ‘awesome’, I’m thankful that some people think I am. My kids, especially, and I know that’s not a lie or just to kiss ass. Kids aren’t capable to lie at that young age, they are brutally honest. My 8 year old daughter once told me that my outfit to go to work was ‘not appropriate’ and ‘they do not go together’. I was wearing my colorful Indonesian tunic over a beige capri with sandals. When I asked her, “What is appropriate for me, then?”, she replied, “Long pants, a jacket, and pair of shoes.” After I explained to her that with warmer weather like right now it would be too warm for me, she went, “Well, I suppose…” and rolled her eyes.

Back to being awesome. As much as I value and treasure my kids’ opinion, some reassurance from other adults was more confirming. Santi told me that there’s a present for me waiting in her blog, so I went to check it out. Apparently, she was tagged by another blogger to write a post on why she thinks she’s awesome. Then to pass the award to seven other bloggers who she’d think is also awesome. Oooh… awkward! Not only I don’t know how to brag about myself, but I also don’t know any bloggers (let alone seven!) I’ve met in person to know that they’re awesome or not. But judging from their writings and thoughts, I think they are. But thanks a bunch, San, for rewarding me as ‘the groundbreaker’. I was puzzled at first, not knowing what’s that really mean. So I looked it up, and groundbreaker means something like “One that is original or innovative“. Aww, stop it!

Now the homework. Why am I awesome? Well, among other things:

  • My daughter thinks I’m awesome because I came from Indonesia, moved to this country all by myself; far away from my Mother and siblings (and best friends).
  • My son thinks I’m awesome because I make killer Indomie goreng (Indonesian instand fried noodle).
  • They both think I’m awesome because I like to go on field trips with them, engaged in class activities and whatnot.
  • My husband thinks I’m awesome because I restock his toiletteries without him asking, making sure that there’s a 12-pack Coke Zero all the time, and his work clothes are clean and ready to wear.
  • My coworkers think I’m awesome because I’m a hard worker, always on top of everything, and easy to work with. They’re also amazed to the fact that I was able to answer their question son how to spell some English words (uh, hello… not my native language… you’re the one who’s born and raised and speak the language?) correctly; mostly second graders words.
  • The doctors think I’m awesome because this is my first job ever in the US and I’m going strong on my fifth year. Not only English is not my native language, but I don’t have any experience working in a health industry or clinic settings. The five doctors (used to be six) seemed impressed with my hard work, dedication, and how fast I learned things and being very good at it.
  • I, myself, think I’m awesome because the kids had grown up to be kind hearted, open minded, culturally educated, and quite smart children. My daughter doesn’t dress like a skank, she values friendship and best friended an adorable girl who has cerebral palsy. My daughter is inquisitive and a divergent thinker, even though she’s only eight. My son hasn’t shown lots of good potential yet, but he sure has keen sense of humor, and so so sweet.

Now, who should I pass this on to? Is it limited to bloggers only? What if the person is already tagged and rewarded? Well I guess that would mean he or she is double awesome!

After further consideration, I’d pass the ‘Trophy of Awesomeness’ to: my old friend and former coworker Ukirsari, for her talent in writing and photography (and an avid backpacker) for sure. Then my brother Putra, the former scholar whose very passionate about fashion; who claimed he felt his life had changed when he entered college. I must admit that’s true, he’s been more awesome after college (love ya’ bro!). Melly, the Hablay Corner owner; for her style of writing in Bahasa Indonesia. So easy to understand (not njelimet at all) and beautiful. She’d turn such an easy object or nggak penting into something really worth reading for. My fellow blogger and mother of two, Juinita, who is -in my opinion- awesomely able to manage her life as a successful career woman and a wonderful mother. The awesome Santi herself, who tagged me. Anybody who could speak other language(s) other than their native language, is awesome to me. Last but not least, Ibu Profesor aka Merlyna in AZ. She’s probably already been tagged by someone else. Who cares… I think she’s awesome. A smart Indonesian woman who teaches college kids in the US? Totally cool. Not a stuck up and draws plus sings beautifully? Most cool!