This hottie tagged me on Facebook to share stories about ‘age’. She hilariously wrote (in Bahasa Indonesia) how she always feels like a 21 year old, and always tell people that she is twenty-one. If a close friend was nearby and gave her the dirty look about claiming twenty-one, she would correct it to 24. Still not her real age, I don’t think. Nobody knows how old she really is, but it doesn’t matter. I know her only from her blog, but I truly think she’s awesome. Not only she has the good look, but also very talented. That’s why I think she can get away with this.

While jokingly she admitted that she’s living in denial, she did ask if there’s any ‘mature’ person who’d feel the same. If by that, she meant to ask: is there any 30++ year old people who feel young at heart and act like one, my answer would be ‘a lot’. But I don’t know how many of those ‘a lot’ who would ‘lie’ (jokingly or not) about their age. 

Mine is totally the opposite. I’ve always told people my real age, never once hesitated. I enjoyed seeing their eyes gotten bigger exclaimed, “BUT YOU DON’T LOOK 35!” Liking the next comment even more, “Are you sure you’re not 25?” I am not exactly sure what makes people say that. But since appearance is the first thing you’d see, I’m guessing it’s my look? I don’t wear heavy make ups or ‘pimp’ my hair. No lipsticks, just lip balm during the winter season. No eye shadows, only eyeliner. My hair is long sand straight, I don’t make it ‘poofy’; only occasionally when I feel like doing something ‘different’, I’d curl the tip of my hair a little bit.

One of my coworkers said one day that the reason why I look young(er) was because I’m Asian. I asked her if she was serious, and cluelessly she said that she was, but not anymore after that question. “I just think if you start wearing [heavy] make ups since middle school, whether you’re white, black or Asian, you’d look older than your actual age.”

My other guess why people would not believe me when I tell them that I’m in my mid 30s, probably because I’m a goofball. ‘Dork’ is my nickname -lovingly given by hubby and now the nurses and doctors at work are also calling me that, great– and I don’t hesitate being silly around my kids’ and their friends.

I do feel young at heart. I really think that people who are able to laugh a lot, who takes life not too seriously and not afraid to look silly; are the coolest people on Earth. Not necessarily going around telling people that your age is ten years younger than the actual one. But since nobody gets hurt, I don’t think it’s a crime. 

“It’s not denial. I’m just very selective about the reality I accept.” -Calvin (6), from Calvin and Hobbes.

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