I guess I have been living under a rock lately, I just found out there’s boxer-type underwear for women being sold out there. Not those sexy ones made of satin/silky material with ruffles on the edges from Somebody’s Secret. I’m talking about the cotton, manly ones like Michael Jordan the guys wear. Hanes called it ‘boy shorts’.

What’s this? Do we women not satisfied with ‘briefs’, ‘bikinis’, ‘hi-cut panties’, ‘hipsters’, and ‘thongs’ anymore? But wait a minute… aren’t there lots of guys (gay men, mostly) now wearing thongs? Even in a public beach and swimming pools (yes, what a scary thought). Who’s the pervert who woke up in the morning one day and thought, “Hm, I like seeing a woman in a man’s underwear. Maybe I should pitch that idea to an undergarment business owner.”

So yeah, I bought a pack of Hanes’ ‘boy shorts’ to try. I thought, “Hm… with winter coming, maybe this will help me to be warmer.” The reason I was thinking that way was because both my husband and my son do have boxer-type of underwear. They are a few inches longer than the brief ones. And they did say they’re a bit warmer. But guess what, after I try them on, it only covers my butt cheeks and probably just below them. “This is not going to help me warm at all. Longjohns (long underwear) would be the only answer,” I thought. Plus, they’re not very comfortable. The seam that goes in the middle on the front and goes down almost to the private area is really not a 100% crotch-friendly. If you know what I’m saying. It kind of gives you ‘camel toe’ impression. Yikes!

So functionality was not the legitimate reason why boxer-type panties were introduced. Practicality? Well, an underwear is an underwear. It goes under your clothes anyway. I could see why hipster panties are practical. For those girls who like to wear hipsters (pants that sit on your hip rather than your waist), of course. So panties won’t peek out. Thongs, I could also see the practicality. If you’re wearing a skirt or pants and don’t want the lining of the panties showing from outside.

Another theory.  If the ‘founder’ was not the pervert guy, it was probably a feminist bitch. After all, we women have been wearing pants for centuries, and a group of these feminists had come up with another way of wearing something that men usually are. And they were the ones who pitched the idea to the fashion/undergarment industry.

Which theory would you go with? Or do you have your own theory?