Forgive me friends, for I have sinned.
It’s been a while since my last post for this blog.
Life’s been hectic.

Anyhoooo… I need to tell you something about last Halloween. After living here for 8 years, this is the first time I was involved in it. Started with ‘Boo Buddies’; which I was not familiar with at first. But again, I wasn’t born in this country. And the country I was born in and lived in, Indonesia, is not a big Halloween fan (at least not in my era). Then a coworker said, “It’s just like the Secret Santa. Only it’s for Halloween.” Again, not familiar with that either. Being brought up in a Moslem family and all.

So, the concept for ‘Boo Buddies’ is to secretly give Halloween-related gifts (not to be expensive) to another person on the week of Halloween. Everybody who’s interested in playing wrote their names on a piece of paper and put them in a bowl. Then we all picked one name out, and that is your assigned Boo Buddy. Mine was my favorite nurse (the person that I gave my presents to), so it was cool. The keyword is ‘secret’ and this was rather hard. Everybody (receptionists, medical record clers, nurses, and lab technician) were pretty much sitting in front of their computers all day. You just have to be sneaky when you see somebody left their station (rooming a patient, looking for a chart, etc), you dashed to their station and leave your gift at their desk. Or you could use a ‘messenger’ or a delivery person. I had received a lot of cute stuff from my Boo Buddy. Day one was a Halloween-y picture frame, then a cute orange candle holder with ghost and pumpkins on it, then a bag of a pair of Halloween socks and a small ‘Too Cute To Spook’ sign, a bag of Cheetos (yes, we did make a list of things we like), and a big sign for the lawn saying ‘Turn Back Now’. Just adorable.

On the fifth day, right on Friday October 31st, we revealed who our Boo Buddy was and I guessed it right. It was our lab tech, Melissa. That day we dressed up, my first ever Halloween involvement. I came in to work as a cow girl; pair of old jeans, boots, a Western-style shirt, and a borrowed cowboy hat. A fellow receptionist came in as a surgeon, dressed in blue scrubs. One of our doctors groaned, “Oh from all costumes, you just have to pick that. I hate surgeons!”
Four nurses and one doctor were kittens, and the most impressive one was Melissa. She dressed up in a Lady Vampira outfit, with the fake black long hair and full make up. Her choice of costume was really appropriate because her job is to get the blood out of you.

I worked half day that day. Then off to school to be the party helper for my kids’ Halloween celebration. Only they called it ‘Harvest/Fall Party’. Whatever. Dante’s Kindergarten teacher was kind enough to let the kids wear any costume they like as long as they leave the scary masks and weapons at home. Dante chose Darth Vader this year. Davi’s second grade teacher, on the other hand, sent home a notice a week before Halloween that they’re doing a Fall/Harvest theme instead. So after we purchased her chosen costume (Vampire Princess), I had to come up with a different idea so she won’t be in trouble coming in as a vampire. Just one day before Halloween, I walked to a nearby Goodwill store and bought a pair of old baggy jeans (couldn’t find an overall, unfortunately), a plaid shirt, and a pair of old boots. I found a farmer’s hat at Kmart that night, and I also bought fake Fall leaves that I stapled on the shirt and jeans to give that ‘farmer look’. Further enhancement was a trip to our backyard and rubbing the jeans on the dirt for that ‘dirty look’.

The night of Halloween, it was my turn to stay at home to answer for the trick or treaters. Again, bigger kids had no courtesy at all. No more eagerness of the shriek “Trick or treat!!!”. When the door bell rang, I automatically grab the candi bowl, then open the door. The bigger kids would just grabbed the candies and go away with a quick mumble of ‘Thanks’. How polite.

Hubby took the kids walking around the neighborhood for the trick-or-treat. Davi finally got the chance to wear her vampire costume, while Dante’s still on his Darth Vader outfit. Hubby did report that the kids were very polite and say ‘Trick or Treat!’ properly along with ‘Thank You’. Dante even said ‘Gracias!’ at one point. They left the house about 5:45pm and returned at 7:00pm. After supper, they asked us how many candies they could have. Hubby and I looked at each other, we really don’t want them to eat all the candies, but we also hate to be the meany. Hesitantly, hubby said, “Five” and the kids instantly replied, “Thank you Mom and Dad! You’re the best!”

Wow… we must’ve done something right raising the kids. They didn’t try to bargain for more at all…

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