October is ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month’. Coincidentally, Rimster tagged me to write a post about boobs. Now, just how do I achieve that without making it sound like porn or sounding like a narcissist? They are just a lump of meat, but men are surely can’t get enough of those mammary glands. For some reason, [although it’s considered rude] it’s fine for men to stare at them when they’re talking to the other sex; but when a woman stares at a guy’s crotch when having a conversation, it’s uncalled for. Go figure.

Anywho, I’m happy with my kaboobies. They are not gigantors, nor they’re bare. They are there, and just the right size. Normal size breasts women should be grateful because:

  • They don’t give us back pain. I know a nurse who went under breast reduction surgery because they’ve been giving her back pain for a decade. And many more patients with the same health concern.
  • Comfortably wearing the right size for tops. The nurse I mentioned above told me, before the reduction, she had to buy one size bigger for tops. Just to get that ‘extra room’ on the chest area but it ended up with other problems like the sleeves are too long or the tummy area is too big. Now she can wear her size M just right and not needing the bigger size just the get ‘everybody’ fit in the chest section. Additionally, I never worried when wearing a shirt/blouse with front buttons, that ‘something’ is showing between the buttons.
  • We could run, hop scotch, jump up and down without that ‘boink boink’ sound effect like a slow-mo movie clip.
  • We’ll always certain that the person we’re talking to is having eye contact instead of boobies contact with us; and is really listening to what we say without the dirty thoughts running through their mind.
  • We won’t have trouble doing the breast self-examination to screen for breast lump. We should feel the slightest lump right away. One of the physicians I work for did say that it’s harder to look for the lump for big breasted women, due to the excess fat/tissue of the breast.
  • Thus, when it comes to do a mammogram, it’ll be less painful.

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