Dear the owner of this car,

You are a reckless driver.
You and your big gas guzzler white Chevy TrailBlazer with your stupid big head lights on.
You were tailgating me this morning for about a mile on Stange Rd, until we stopped at intersection of Stange and 13th St. We both wanted to turn right on 13th St., heading West. Just after the turn, as your  head lights were blinding my rearview mirror; you sped up, zigged to the right lane, accelerated, and zagged back in front of me with no blinker/signal at all.
I almost hit your big ass bumper, and you’d probably won’t even notice.
Was it because my car was smaller than yours?
Where did you go for driving school, anyway? Was it online through moron [dot] com?
How much did you have to pay to get your license?

Well, even though you pissed me off with your moronic act, I did not fall into doing something moronic like honking my car horn at you.
Instead, thanks for my iPhone, I took a picture of your big ass and share it with the world wide web.
Nice, huh? Payback’s a bitch.

Sure hope I won’t see your car rolled into a ditch or caused somebody to get hurt.

With love,