It’s Monday. The only day weird things are supposed to happen. Plus, it’s [almost] full moon, folks said. We tend to blame out-of-whack craziness on full moon anyway. So when a patient called this morning stating that he needs to be seen because he threw his back the night before, I asked if this was a work-related injury or not. Because if it was, then his company needs to pay for it and he should be seen at a different department (Occupational Medicine). When the answer was ‘no’, he further explained that it happened at home. He sneezed so hard, he threw his back! Seriously. What a weird injury.

Couple of hour later, a young lady called stating that she just had a ‘high heel accident’. She apparently got a job interview and was wearing her high heels. At this time, I was going to guess that she had missed a step, therefor sprained her ankle. But she said it wasn’t it. “I actually was practicing at home, going up and down the stairs with these high heels. Who would know that the steps or stairs were not solid and have holes on it?” She was probably referring to the artsy, industrial-looking steps/stairs made out of black steel which do have lots of holes. Her heels were actually stuck in those holes, and she fell forward and hurt her knees. Good thing that it happened after her interview. Another weird injuries.

A friend of mine who is also a physical therapist was bitten by her own dog on the throat. This was actually last week. Though this would fall under this ‘weird injuries’ category for sure. When she called to ask if she needs to go to the ER or not, I was in disbelief. I jokingly asked, “Do you want me to bite your dog back?” Then when she started crying, I thought, “Oh snap! She’s serious. I better have her talk to her nurse.” Surely enough, after a short triage, the nurse adviced her to go to the ER. Later on that week, when I saw her in the building, she explained. She’s going to give her pet dog a hug, just like usual, before going to work. Normally, she’d get a loving lick from the dog. Instead, it was a bite on the throat, punctured her trachea a little bit. Was it a Rottweiler? German Sheperd? Pit bull? No, no, and no. It was a Beagle. A cute, small, lovey dovey Beagle. Size does not matter in this case.

The only weird injury that I can think of was when I watched one of Will Ferrell’s movies (pretty sure it was the Blades of Glory, the scene where Will Ferrell and Jon Heder do their final routine). I was watching it at home, on my bed. I was laughing so hard, my abdomen cramped. I think I must’ve pulled a muscle. It was so painful, I couldn’t sit myself upright, nor lay down flat. I had to take a couple of Advils to relax it and was finally better a couple of hours later. I watched the rest of the movie laying down sideways, almost in a fetal position. Oh, I couldn’t imagine if I was in a movie theatre.

Have you had any weird injury before?