We finally had Dante’s birthday party last Saturday, 9/27. From 15 invitations sent out, 10 made it. Out of ten, there were three boys who were Dante’s buddies from preschool. We reminded Dante a couple of times that he needs to be fair and not only play with his preschool buddies. “But I haven’t seen Miles and Sam for a long time!” he protested. After a brief discussion, he finally understood that deserting his Kindergarten friends would not be a good idea.

Since school’s only been started for about a month or so, Dante doesn’t have a preferred friend(s) yet. From the conversation with the moms, this is actually the first birthday party in Mrs. Tickle’s classroom (don’t you just love that name?). Their sons were very excited to come to Dante’s birthday, being the first and all. But who doesn’t like birthday parties? Cakes, games, running around, giving the birtday boy’s parents a headache, etc. I later learned that being the first is not really a good thing. Not in this case, because we haven’t met these boys before; we didn’t know which one is ‘nice’ and which one is too hyper. Although, when I informed Dante on whose mom called to confirm, he said, “Oh… A? He’s a little crazy. He likes to punch me and all.” Well, thanks for the FYI, monk. Maybe next time you could inform me before I send the invitation out?

Sure enough, just 10 minutes after the party had officially started, hubby and I (plus the lady from the place we rent) were able to pinpoint which ones are ‘crazy’. The place we rent, keep in mind, is a kids gym owned by a bigger fitness center/tennis academy. This place has a jungle gym (like the one in McDonald’s or Burger King where kids could climb up and slide down and got lost in a ball pen), a mini basket ball court, and some areas for dramatic play/games. It’s a perfect place for a birthday party, let alone for boys. But these two boys were too rough, too crazy, too hyper, and not a very good listener. We warned them to take it easy and not to pummel their [smaller] friends. We asked them to be gentle with the equipment and not to destroy the toys. Goodness. It made me realize (and thankful) that my kids are well behaved and not so obnoxious. It made me feel so bad for Mrs. Tickle, because this sweet Kindergarten teacher is pregnant and not at all a drill sergeant.

Another note to self: Don’t even bother to ‘organize’ a birthday party (especially for little boys) too strict. I had outlined the events in my head about what comes after what. But in practice, it didn’t go as planned. Was hoping that the boys would do the birthday cake first, then pinata. But instead, the wanted to try the pinata first, then the birthday cake. I think partly was because they think it’s the kind where they hit the pinata. It was not. I did not want any casualties, so I bought the string pinata instead. It’s whimpier than the whack one, but at least nobody got hurt.

I was also hoping that at the end of the party, the boys would sit on their bottoms ever so cutely and wait patiently while Dante opens the birthday presents one by one with me on his side reading the birthday cards. I was going to jot down the name of the present giver and what kin dof present was given. Why? Because I thought all moms would expect a ‘Thank You’ note afterwards. I’ve seen that a lot; birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, etc. Like a sincere verbal thank you isn’t enough? Even the lady who helped us with the party reminded me, “Diny, I have sticky notes if you want to write down who gives what for the Thank You cards later.” At that time, the boys were already all over Dante and screamed, “Dante! Dante! Open my present first!” So I weakly said to her, “Nah… never mind. They’re too fast.” Some of them even helped themselves opening Dante’s presents and I heard a lot of, “Whoa… cool! I wish I have that!”

But Dante didn’t seem to mind. Organized or play-it-by-ear, he had so much fun that day. “It’s the most awesomest birthday party ever!” he claimed.


Click on the collage to see the birthday pics.