Cheeky Monkey is! Unbelievable. Told him last night before bed, that around the same time six years ago, I was in pain. Why, he asked. Not really wanting to go into details about labor-related pain, I told him, “Because you want to get out from my tummy.” Then you opened your arms, gave me a hug, and said, “I’m sorry I made you hurt. I just don’t want to get out because it’s dark in there.”

We love you, monk. Looking forwards for tonight. Dad we’ll get food from our favorite restaurant (Bali Satay House) after work, and we’ll sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and open presents. Can’t wait to hear you shrieked ‘Awesome!’ when you open the birthday presents from us. Pssst… it’s the one you’ve been wanting for quite some times: Xbox 360’s Batman Lego video game. It’s a perfect timing because it’s just released today.

Tonight, just the four of us. This Saturday, is the birthday party with your friends. Exciting, huh?


The monkeyish birthday invitation:

Watch for the updates!