After trying to be nice for the last three times (or four?), today I finally lost it. At least twice a month, we got disturbed by two religious groups: the Jehovah Witnesses and the Morons Mormons. Occassionally got solicited also by the boy/girl scouts to buys their cookies, high school athletic teams to buy tickets, newspaper enrollments, and the politicians as well. But while most of them would go away after a nice, “No, thank you”, the religious ones were rather persistent.

I understand that I live in a country that believes firmly the ‘freedom of religion’. But does it give others the right to impose their beliefs on me, in my own home? Who gave them the right? My first reaction was a firm (but with a smile), “No, Thank you.” When it didn’t do the job, I tried to lied a bit (because I usually am a nice person and did not want to offend anybody), “Oh sorry, I’m in the middle of cooking,” but they’d reply, “Would you like us to wait?” Darn.

As they’re getting more and more pushy, my reply was excalated to, “Not interested, I’m happy with my own belief.” But they kept on pushing and told me that they just want to introduce their belief and would happily answer my questions upon them. Look pal, which part of ‘not interested’ can’t you understand? So finally today, I was in the middle of preparing lunch when the door bell rang. I opened the door, and there stood a well-suited African-American adult male and next to him, probably his apprentice; twelve-ish dorky white boy with thick glasses, also in a suite. Not again. After his routine “Hi there, we’re the Jehovah Witnesses bla bla bla” I quickly replied, “Nope. Sorry. Not interested. We’re all atheist.” The guy couldn’t say anything but, “Oh.” I closed the door and finish making lunch.

Then I googled JW, and stumbled upon their site, watchtower [dot] org. It says,

IT IS the desire of Jehovah’s Witnesses that you become better acquainted with them. […] Jehovah’s Witnesses are interested in you and your welfare. They want to be your friends and to tell you more about themselves, their beliefs, their organization, and how they feel about people and the world in which all of us live.

Dude, if you really are interested in me and my welfare, stay away from my house. You are soliciting, you are harassing, you are imposing your belief to me. Not cool. If I am interested in your belief, I’d visit your Kingdom Halls and do some asking.

Same goes to you Mormons. Don’t appreciate you trying to convince me that your way is the right way. If you want to hand out ‘the literature’ just use the mail. That way I could throw it to the thrash can, which I couldn’t do to you, unfortunately.

Found this hilarious video on youtube about how an atheist was disturbed by the door-to-door Mormons and how he went to Salt Lake City, Utah, the world capital of Mormons, to act like a door-to-door atheist. Guess people do not like to taste their own medicine.