If I could go back to a certain age, I wish I could be twenty eight again.
That’s when I started living; to have a son, after a daughter.
She came first, boy was I glad the 9 months of waiting’s finally over, that’s for certain.
To finally meet and hold her that day, 03/02/01 at 02:03 am, so much tears and laughter.

Nineteen months later, a boy entered our life.
What was three then, soon becomes four.
This addition made our days feel like the dance of jive.
I couldn’t ask for more.

I want to go back there again, my sweet.
Just couldn’t believe you two have grown so fast.
I miss your firsts: giggle, step, tooth, word… what a treat!
Reminiscing the raspberry-blowing competion… what a blast!

Davi, remember when we first take you into the pool?
You were still a month young, for crying out loud.
Then two weeks later, we took you on a plane half way around the world, were we a fool?
Na’ah; since you are now a well-traveled girl and open minded, we’re so proud.

Dante, I will never forget those trips to the ER late at night.
You’re prone to earache, and the Otolaryngologist suggested ear tubes.
I was in Jakarta when Dad called that you’re going to have a mini surgery for that, I was in fright.
USA-Indonesia-USA within a week really made me like a dupe.

So now, you’ve grown up and all.
You even posted ‘Stay Out’ on your door (but Mom’s OK, said Dante) with ‘No Entry’ sign.
No more onesies… you’re growing tall.
How come a 7 year old girl and an almost 6 year old boy are so busy, we need to unwind.

I do think time has gone too fast.
You got too busy with work, next thing you know, your kids prefer to spend time with friends.
How I wish your childhood will last…
But life goes on; as I watch you grow, fliping through your old pictures is the only way to keep those memories in my brain.

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