Literally. I got a hair cut Sunday afternoon, I told them it’s just for a trim. But like I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve never had a good experience with hair stylist in this country town. I don’t know why. All I wanted was just a simple trim for my hair and more ‘sweepies’. I’d like to keep my hair long. Instead, they cut about 2 inches of my hair and gave me bangs. It’s not that I dislike bangs -I do believe it’ll look cute for some people- but the last time I had bangs was like seventeen years ago! I’m not used to see my face in the mirror with bangs.

“Soooooo… what do you think?” asked the hair stylist.
“Umm, okay. Eh heh,” I replied with a weak laugh.
“Your hair is so fine. If you don’t like the bangs go this way, just use a hair product and put it sideways like so,” she said as she applied some kind of hair pomade to my bangs and thugged them to the side to create ‘sweepies’.

I really didn’t want to spend extra money on hair products. Especially if it’s just for the bangs. I’ve had too many hair products already, from the Sunsilk Anti Flat’s collection. I know it’s not the hair products like Redken, American Crew, Aquage, or Biosilk. But I’m happy with my cheapo Sunsilk, and it helps.

So when I got home, hubby who’s never seen me with bangs since the first time we met, commented, “Hey… nice bangs!”
“Oh shut up.”
“Why? You look great.”
“For some reason, you don’t sound very convincing.”
“It’s just… different, hun. You’ll get used to it.”
“Really… shush.”

Then comes Monday. Getting ready to go to work. It took freakin’ 15 minutes for me to get the freakin’ bangs right. I usually put some Sunsilk Anti Flat Weightless Volumizing Creme on my damp hair after shower, and just leave my hair air-dried (or occasionally hair dry it when I have extra time). But for some reason, the bangs won’t cooperate with me this morning. No matter what I do, it’s just not right!