In the spirit of going ‘green’, the release of WALL-E is a perfect timing. It’s a G-rated movie so anyone could see and enjoy, and we sure did. The four of us went to see it Friday night, and we liked it very much. WALL-E maybe a cute movie, but it has a big message. For little ones, like my 5 1/2 year old son, the word ‘recycle’ is still hard to grasp, not to mention the concept of it. But by watching WALL-E, he understood that if you don’t take a good care of Earth and is making too much garbage, it’d ended up like the Earth in the movie (the setting for the year is 2700, with waste and garbage were shown piling up).

WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) is shown as a male robot (go figure) and is the last and only robot left on Earth. Other than doing his routine, cleaning garbage and compacting them into small cubes, WALL-E has an artsy talent. He’d arrange then pile these waste cubes into skyscrapers. He also likes to collect kinck-knacks, which he’d store in a little lunch bag. “My favorite part was when he found the bra and put the bra on his eyes like it was a sunglasses,” said my son. At the end of the day, WALL-E took the treasure ‘home’ (which is a bigger WALL-E truck) and store them away on a rotating shelves, organized in categories.

It took around 20 minutes into the movie until the first conversation took place. While some might complain it was too long and boring, we didn’t think so. It was a cute introduction to WALL-E and his routine. Cleverly written and extremely believable. It’s hard to believe that this movie was made in a computer.

Then EVE (Extra-terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) came along. It was amazing to see how WALL-E and EVE could stir your emotion. I wasn’t only laughing (when WALL-E got into the mothership in order to follow EVE), but worrying (when WALL-E got hurt) and also sniffling (when WALL-E was waiting for EVE to come back to live after EVE found the plant). I think this is the first movie that could my son’s attention for a long time. The kids even forgot to ask for popcorn and candy! We were just so taken by this movie.

Not wanting to spoil the movie even more (just keep in mind like in all superhero movies, WALL-E will be triumphant too), I just want to say that WALL-E rocks! No wonder it’s doing great as the number one top box office. If you happen to watch this movie with little ones, I bet they’d go home mimicking the way WALL-E sounds.