Not the executive in a Volvo who’s talking on his cell phone.
Not the college guy in a beat up Honda who’s eating his Big Mac.
Not the soccer mom in a minivan who’s busy scribbling something on her notepad.
Not the tough guy in a humongous GMC Yukon who’s smoking and drinking from his coffee travel mug.
Not the blondie in a cute VW New Beetle who’s frantically shuffling CDs trying to find Rihanna’s.
Not the dude in a pick up truck who’s texting his girlfriend (or boyfriend).
Nor the lady in a nice Toyota sedan who’s reaching into the back of the car, trying to reach her son’s toy that he dropped.

The winner for the most talented driver is… the chick in her Audi who’s doing her eye make up while the car is moving! “Look mom… no hands!”

Hey, I had done some of those things (talking on the cell, smoking and sipping coffee, and also shuffling CDs) and by no means I’m trying to preach. But in all seriousness, I’m amazed on the talent and skill of women who could do their make up (especially the eyeliner) while driving.