Despite the fact that I do like this movie, I’m rather disappointed with the writers. The trio -Amy Sedaris, Paul Dinello, and Stephen Colbert- created a male character who is the protagonist’s friend. A male. They named him Megawatti Sacarnaputri. Now, for people who are not familiar with Indonesia nor read the current events, that’s probably not a big deal. So, what is the deal? First of all, the name is mispelled. It should be Megawati Sukarnoputri. If you’re going to pick on somebody, do it correctly. I mean, come on… she was a former president of Indonesia, the world heard of her so if you Google it, you’ll be able to get the right spelling.

Second of all, what’s up with the mix gender? Evidently, lack of research [again]. Dinello admitted here: “We were trying to pick on someone that we hadn’t before that we didn’t know much about,” he says. “And then it occurred to us that the only thing we knew about Indonesia was — well we know a couple things — peppercorns and Megawatti Sacarnaputri was the president at one time. We realized later that she’s a female, not a male. So now I feel bad. Other than Henry Kissinger’s involvement in the early ’70s, you don’t hear much about Indonesia anymore. But now it’s in the news all the time with earthquakes and giant waves. Now we feel bad. We should have picked Sweden.”

Well at least they are sorry.

Like I said, I did enjoy watching ‘Strangers with Candy’. Some said that it’s a little over the top and too weird. Hey… I’m all about weirdos. I’m not trying to be a sensitive and touchy Indonesian who feels offended by the mishap on Indonesia in this movie. I just thought it’s funny how the writers didn’t think of doing a research before using a former president’s identity. I mean, it doesn’t have to be an intensive research. Just Google it and you shall find.