How nice of somebody (or two, in this matter) to throw a party for you. Alissa is the youngest nurse in our department, and is getting married next month to her racer husband-to-be. Two of the nurses got together and planned the bridal shower for her. The others (lab technician and xray technician) provided food. This was my first bridal shower to attend (I didn’t have one myself) so I needed all the help I could get with the bridal registry. Being a creature who always question an establishment, I pondered, “Why do we need to be told in what to get as a present? What if I don’t want to get something from the registry? What if I have a different opinion on something unique as a present?” But then, the others lectured me the reason why bridal registry (or any kind of registry) was created. OK then… why don’t you give them cash instead?

Anyhow, the party was fun. It was more relaxing than the department’s Xmas party (maybe because the doctors weren’t there). A lot of giggling, actually. The food was good, the wine was fine, the weather was freezing cold. Since the party was last Thursday after work (the invitation said 5:30 pm), most of us drove directly from work. My little car usually takes about 10 minutes to warm up, so I was shivering while driving to the destination house (and back to my own house). About 15 women were in Gale’s house, but it sure felt like 30. Naughty comments were heard when we played the lame ‘Toilet Paper Wedding Dress’. Oops, did I say lame? I meant fabulous, sorry. Ahem.

My lame attempt to take pictures without a memory card resulted in low resolution pictures. My camera allowed me to take pictures still, but with a limited number of shots. So I lowered the quality hoping to get more pictures. I’m not very happy with the printed outcome. But I think this montage will be watchable:

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Alissa’s Bridal Shower