Day 3 of our Puerto Vallarta trip: Nov 15, 2007.

town of sayulita sayulita beach 

Another  road trip up north today. Destination: Sayulita. Another fun driving on the curvy mountaineous part of MEX 200 Highway. Sayulita is a small fishing village but definitely is ready for tourism. I saw at least one hotel, a lot of little restaurants, a couple of beachside restaurants with its own surf rental/shop, an art gallery, a couple of knick-knack stores, a salon (Dante and dad got their hair cut there), a money changer, and an internet cafe. It’s pretty easy to orient yourself here too, just use the town plaza as a landmark and you’d be fine.

surfers waiting for the waveKnown for its rivermouth surfbreak, Sayulita has becoming a popular off-the-beaten-path destination for people who are visiting Puerto Vallarta. There are two surf spots in Sayulita; a right (longboard) break in front of the village and a left (faster) break in front of the campground. Wetsuit is never needed here since the water is warm; but if you do like early morning surfing, they said you’d probably want to bring your rashguard due to the morning breezes.

davi was here!Definitely do not let your little ones go in the water alone. The four of us were going to do bodysurf, were holding hands, still the waves was too strong for Davi who is 6 1/2 and Dante who is 5. They got pushed by the wave, knocked down under water,  and both did not like that at all so they don’t want to do bodysurfing anymore. They preferred to be safe and played at the beach for the rest of the day. Although Davi, being a water creature that she is, couldn’t resist the water and went in just to dip her little feet every now and then.

All in all, I think Sayulita is a great place to go; especially if you have teenagers. I saw a girl who’s probably 10 year old, was learning to surf. It was so cool. That could be Davi in four years, he he he.