Day 2 of our Puerto Vallarta trip: Nov 14, 2007.

Yaaay! Beach day! After recuperating for a day, we’re all ready and excited to go to the beach. My father-in-law, Jay, has been doing some research online about the beaches around PV and south of PV. They are contaminated with human feces. I don’t think I want my kids to swim in pool of poop.

pacifico by the beachSo we headed north today to Punta de Mita, which is in the State of Nayarit. It’s the most northernmost point of Banderas Bay where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortes. It was probably 15-20 minutes driving from Nuevo Vallarta, where we’re staying, in the State of Jalisco. When you’re in town of Punta de Mita, it’s pretty easy to find the beach. Go until you can’t go any further. You’ll ended up in a parking lot-like area. Park your car and pick a restaurant. Why? Because in order to have access to the beach, you need to go through these restaurants.

I couldn’t remember the name of the restaurant we use as our base today, but it’s the second one from the right (if you’re facing the ocean). We came, we sat down, we ordered drinks, smeared the kids with heavy duty sun block, then watched them run to the beach. There were a number of hawkers trying to sell us stuff. It was a bit annoying but they’d go away once you said ‘No, gracias’ firmly. The only two hawkers that we couldn’t say ‘No’ to were the braid lady (Davi had mentioned that she’d like to have her hair braided) and Steve. He’s a very charming middle-aged guy who sells knicks-knacks. Such a smooth talker, he had Doug into purchasing two beer opener. I personally think it’s pretty cool; it’s a green scaly fish made of onyx stones. And Davi did not want to pursue the hair braiding process because she does not want to miss out the beach time.

As the adults were enjoying the drinks (my oh my, was my margarita strong!), a guy approached us and asked if we’d be interested in snorkeling to the islands of Marietas. Best known for snorkeling, you’d need a boat to take you there. The price you’d pay for is for the boat, the boat man, and 2-hour worth of snorkeling time. But we didn’t feel like going on a boat trip today so we said we’ll be back. Couldn’t remember his name, but he owns the surf shop by the beach (renting snorkeling and diving equiptment, kayak, surfboard, etc).

three kids and a boogie boardPunta de Mita has a white sandy beach with a nearby coral reefs and the wave is calm; suitable for kids. The beach was kind of rocky, so make sure you’d have your water shoes on. Davi and Dante met a friend who own a boogie board and played with him for a long time. They had so much fun rolling on the beach, they have scratch here and there from the little rocks. But they don’t care… they were having too much fun to care.