Aaahhh… no more rerun. What a joy! Not that I don’t like seeing the ever-so-yummy Shemar Moore (Criminal Minds) or the royal cuteness George Eads (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation). But it’s just not fun watching a crime/drama episodes when you knew who’d done it. I’m bummed to find out that Mandy Patinkin (who plays Jason Gideon in Criminal Minds) will no longer be a regular due to a ‘creative differences’. Read about it here. I really like Patinkin’s disposition as the B.A.U.’s supervisor. The new guy, David Rossi (played by Joe Mantegna), whose supposedly replacing Gideon, isn’t ‘clicking’ with me yet.

Not much going on with CSI : Crime Scene Investigation; same actors, same plot. Sara Sidle (played by Jorja Fox) and Gil Grissom (played by William Petersen) are getting even closer after Sara’s near death experience with the Miniature Killer. Is marriage involved? Hmmm…

There’s a new series on ABC: Pushing Daisies. It reminded me of Tim Burton’s work. It’s so… Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. So colorful and comical. I can’t help but intrigued by this new series, because even though it sounds cheesy (a pie maker who could bring the dead to life for 60 seconds with one touch and the second touch will put the dead back to… death) it’s watchable and cute.

Survivor? I don’t care so much about it anymore. It’s not really ‘survivor’ if you’re not really stranded out of no where, if you’re provided with food in the beginning of the game, if you’re allowed to change your swimsuit and were given sneakers.

Amazing Race still amazes me. Not only I like seeing the places they go to around the world, but the human behavior also. It’s amazing to see that some of the contestants were so ignorant. When they’re visiting a country which English is not the official language, they got all mad because nobody speaks English. Wtf? Why don’t YOU speak THEIR language, morons… you’re not in the States. Then some bimbos got disrespectful when they’re visiting India. Saying how stinky it was and got scared for no apparent reason. That’s the only reason I laughed at them; not because they failed to do a task (I don’t think I’m going to do well, either), but because of their ignorance.

I’m a new fan of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. This guy is amazing! He’ll go anywhere in the world and eat the local food that’s considered ‘bizarre’ by Americans. He has the iron stomach. Guinea pigs in Ecuador,  bull testicles in Spain, live worms in the Phillipines, or thousand year old egg in Taiwan; are all yummy to this funny chef. Unfortunately, this Fall is all repeats. Bummer. I find it interesting to see which bizarre food I’d be able to eat, which ones I won’t even lick. Like the cow intestines or brain, I could eat that easy. Deep fried chicken embryos? I could probably gulp that in. But anything from the rodent family, is a big no-no. Also, the infamous balut. Eew… icky ick.