Being a dedicated worker *ahem* I came in to work anyway this morning with a lousy voice. I thought I could see one of my doctors today, got a prescription, fill it out at the pharmacy few doors down, and be better later. I counsulted two docs and both of them said there’s nothing they could do for me. It’s a viral thing and needs to run it course for maybe 3 to 5 days. I won’t be needing any meds, just lots of fluids and to rest my voice. Err… we’re going to have a problem with that last part. So my doctor left it up to me. I told him I’ll play it by ear. Or in this case… throat.

Two o’clock in the afternoon, I left the office. My supervisor was actually sending me home because she overheard how difficult it was for me to schedule an appointment on the phone. I was actually glad because I was struggling to talk but not really want to be a quitter. I kept hoping it’d get better. It didn’t.

I went to Dante’s daycare to pick him up but Miss Julie, one of his teachers, told me that they just fell asleep for a nap. Wow… I didn’t know they nap late in the afternoon instead of right after lunch. Not really want to wake him up and make him all woozy, I told her I’ll come back in an hour or so.   

My daughter Davi’s having a costume party with her afterschool program (Kids Club) staff and friends tonight. It’s at school and they also invited the rest of the family. Well, Doug is in Kansas City so he’s out of the picture. Dante dressed up as a cowboy and I’m bringing Davi’s costume which is a Native American little girl. As I drive to Gilbert Elementary school, it just clicked in my mind that they costumes match! She changed into her costume in the bathroom (and so did her other friends), I braided her hair, and put a bandana on her forehead. Some adults asked her, “Are you Pocahontas?” She answered, “No, I’m just an Indian girl.” Mind you, she’s only 6, but smart. She knows who Pocahontas is, but since I didn’t specifically dress her up as ‘Pocahontas’ but as a ‘Native American girl’, she doesn’t think she’s Pocahontas. Make sense. Besides, how’d she know that adults would assume that a Native American girl costume is Pocahontas? 

It was a fun night. We had pizza provided by Kids Club and treats provided by parents. We got to see some slideshows about their activities and acapella performance. Couldn’t socialize much since my voice was worthless. The three of us will sleep really well tonight.