They stated, “Self-esteem is a child’s passport to lifetime mental health and social happiness. It’s the foundation of a child’s well-being and the key to success as an adult.”

I fully agree.

Many times we’ve seen examples of troubled teenagers, and looking back, we’d found cases of low self-esteem or unhappiness. I’m aware that we don’t live in a perfect world where everything is dandy, but I think we all ought to find a way somehow to help children boost their self-esteem.

Sports is one way to boost self-esteem, but it also promotes competitivenes *which is not so bad*  But I personally don’t have any recollection to which competitive sports would start at early childhood. Ideally, it should start at home. But with the increased number of working mom nowadays, daycares should take part too.

I was pleased to find out that Dante’s classroom in his new daycare is encouraging self-esteem booster for young children with a program called ‘Top Banana’. Every week, a child is chosen as a Top Banana. He or she is the special one for the whole week, and is allowed to do something special. Bringing in pictures of family and have them posted on the classroom wall, special treats, favorite toys, have mom or dad come in to have lunch with the class, or take the whole class for a field trip to where mom or dad works at.

It worked great for Dante since he was a new kid on the block, feeling alienated, and he got his turn on the following week after his birthday. Other than bringing pictures and favorite toys, he also brought in some of his favorite movies to watch. Hubby and I took turn to come there to have lunch. When I was there, the kids told Dante, “Wow… you’re lucky. Yesterday was your dad, and now is your mom!” Dante’s face was priceless, just beaming with pride (while holding my hands tightly).

My work place isn’t the ideal place to go to for their field trip. Sick patients in the waiting room and hallway, nurse walking around with needles, people with fractured bone waiting for XRay; just too hectic for having the little ones over.  Doug heads at MIS department, we figure it’s much nicer and safer for the kids to go there. I got the report from my son’s teacher that they had a blast watching MIS guys open up a computer and amazed to see what’s inside. “It’s like a tiny world!” a little one shrieked.

My son was having a blast because his friends really enjoyed their time there. They got to eat homemade cookies prepared by the MIS ladies. They got to practice writing their names with a magic pen on a mini portable touch screen [and visible at the big screen on the wall], have it printed on a paper, and take it home to show mom or dad or whoever cares.  

Since being a Top Banana that week, I don’t see Dante playing alone anymore when I pick him up. I heard more stories about his friends and school and more enthusiast when asked about how his day went at school. It used to be hard to get something out of him about his day at school, now it’s hard to make him stop babbling about it. He he he…