Wow… it’s been a month already? Goody, only 35 more months to go, he he he. Looking back, the first week was tough for me. Adjusting to them -the pain, the sore, the discomfort, the look. I couldn’t eat anything harder than a banana. I have sores and cuts inside of my mouth. I had lost about 12 pounds. I had difficulty talking, and constantly self conscious about how I look.

Working as a medical receptionist makes it hard. People got frustrated with me on the phone because they couldn’t understand me. Especially the hard-of-hearing old farts. “WHAT?? WHAT DID YOU SAY? I COULDN’T UNDERSTAND YOU! DID YOU SAY 9:50 OR 10:50? CAN YOU TALK LOUDER?”   When talking to patients in person, I got a little touchier when they leaned towards me and said, “I’m sorry?” then talk slower as if I don’t speak English.

Part of it was probably because I didn’t [and couldn’t for a long time due to the pokey wire] want to open my mouth too big. I didn’t want people to see my braces, especially the bottom ones. I often found myself covering my mouth when laughing. I thought I look like Betty Suarez from Ugly Betty; glasses, black hair, and braces. But hubby and some friends told me I look [kind of] cute and not to worry about appearance *mwuahuahuauha*  According to the American Association of Orthodontists, more than a million adults in North America have braces. Things to consider: many adults wore braces as kids, many adults have kids who are (or were) in braces, and many adults think about getting braces themselves. Some people even gave me their kudos for taking a proactive role at the age of 30s.

What I found as the most challenging was the cleaning in public restrooms. I just couldn’t do it. I had to wait until it’s everybody’s gone, then I’d brush my teeth real quick. I’ve always had my dental kit in my bag, consists of: a travel toothbrush, a small tube of toothpaste, dental floss and floss threaders, a little spiral dental brush, and dental wax. To me, it’s almost as important as my purse. I don’t feel ‘safe’ eating out without making sure that my dental kit is with me.

Today I had my first monthly adjustment. They took the old little rubber bands off and the wire. When they placed the new rubber bands, man… it was painful! They were all brand new and tight. Ooooooooo myyyyyy gaaaaawd!! I had to take some pain reliever afterwards (I hope this won’t take days). Last month I went with the lavender color for the rubber bands, this time I picked navy blue. Daring, aren’t we?