Was? Oktoberfest im Iowa, USA?
Ja! Warum nicht?!

Yea… why the heck not? If Jakarta, Indonesia, has Oktoberfest and religiously celebrate it; a small town in the Midwest, USA, could too. A very thorough writings about how the Amana Colonies started can be found here. Oktoberfest in Amana is celebrated 28 – 30 September this year with a theme ‘A little bit of Bavaria in Iowa’.

Amana Colonies is a touristy place itself. Adding Oktoberfest doubles the fun. It’s a neat place with downtown full of cute little shops [with cute names] like ‘Chocolate Haus Dessert and Coffee Cafe’ and ‘Olde World Lace Shoppe’. When walking into the chocolate house, it smells soooo good. The smell of hot chocolate and fudge, fine roasted coffee and chocolate chip cookies; all the goodness in the air.

We had Max on a leash, so Doug and I had to take turns going in to a shop. He said he didn’t care so much about the chocolate store, but he definitely want to go in to the Amana General Store for their bakery stuff. The kids loved the toy store, Little Red Wagon. They have lots of cool vintage toys made out of tin.

A website about Oktoberfest in Amana is here.

Oktoberfest in Amana

Diny/Amana Colonies, IA/Sep 30 ’07

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