Please kick me on the butt real hard if in the future I’m stating to have yet another kids’ birthday party in our house.

After worrying that nobody would show up for his 5th birthday, Dante was very excited to have 13 friends in our house today. Being a new kid on the block in the new daycare, Dante was kind of bummed for not knowing the other kids real well yet. He said nobody would play with him, but his teachers told me otherwise. That he’s been playing a lot with some of the boys. So when we sent out the birthday invitations last week, we warned Dante that they might not come at all. As a back up plan, we also invited some of his friends from the old daycare. He was fine with it.

I specifically asked the parents to RSVP before 9/20 so we’d be able to plan on how many goodie bags, the size of the cake, etc. Actually, by 9/18 there were 7 kids who RSVP’d. The other six just showed up today without notice and 2 of them being the older siblings who wanted to stay (plus a dad who’s staying for his shy and quiet daughter). Of course, we couldn’t say no. Good thing we did plan to have extra kids and did buy lots of stuff.

The theme of the party? Spider-Man Pirate. He he he, what can I say, it’s the birthday boy’s wish. He loves Spidey and pirates. So we bought a Spider-Man pinata, a big talking Spider-Man balloon, Spider-Man utensils, Spider-Man goody bags, and ordered Spider-Man birthday cake from HyVee Bakery (the Customer Service sucked but the cake was cute awesome). Hubby got pirate hats and eye patches. So adorable cool. Gawd! I kept using girly terms, and my son kept correcting me.

The party started at 1:00 pm and lasted too long. Honestly, they wore us out! For two and a half hour, we were surrounded by kids ages [almost] 5 to 8. Entertaining them was not rocket science, they’re psyched about running around in a circle in our basement. But to keep them calm and quiet was almost impossible. One word to describe them: rambunctious. Sure wore us out… especially Doug. He’s so great in playing games with the kids. We made a list of games to play with the kids, but [of course] we couldn’t find that stupid list so he had to be creative. One other thing that went off of our agenda was the ‘things to do’. Fuhgeddabouit! All the planning and scheduling just could not be applied to these beautifully hyper children. But it sure helped.

So we played some games while waiting for the other kids to arrive. Then more games. Then things had gotten wild, they’re all uncontrollable, so we decided to let them go outside and play with the ‘moon house’. Since all 13 of them couldn’t get in all together, the littlest ones went first. The rest had to face Doug and his Simon Says game, which the winner could pick 3 other friends to go play in the moon house. And so on.

Then we went inside to eat the birthday cake (with ice cream on the side) with juice and soda. Like they need more sugar? Everybody sang the birthday song, and Dante was glowing. He was so happy to be the center of everybody’s attention. His face was one of those I’m-so-happy-but-will-try-not-too-smile-too-big-because-I’m-cool expressions. In the middle of eating the cake and ice cream, Dante stood up on his chair and yelled:

Dante: “Can I have everybody’s ‘tention, pwease?”
*His two hands raised up in the air*
Dante: “I have a knock-knock joke.”
Doug and I: “Oh no.”
*I’ve got a feeling that this is going to be one of his nonsense knock-knock jokes*
Dante: “Knock-knock…”
Us: “Who’s there?”
Dante: “Fire.”
Us: “Fire who?”
Dante: “Fire you’re a cuckoo head.”
*No idea what he meant by that*
All the kids: “Mwuahuahuahuahuha…”

Next agenda was the pinata game. They’ve come up with this new system for pinata that does not require whackings (to minimize injury). It has lots of strings and the kids just need to pull the right string to open the latch at the bottom of the pinata. Hubby and I did like the idea, but the opening was too small, once it was open, the candies and chocolates came out like 90-year-old trying to pee. Interrupted, and very few. Doug had to yank the hole open with force; then the kids went after the goodies like crazy.

After that, it’s time to open the present. We had talked to our beloved son so many times not to fuss if he doesn’t like the present; just to say thank you and that’s it. He did so nicely. After he ripped the gift open, he’d give the card to me to read it out loud, and he’d thank the person who gave him the gift. The other kids’ parents probably know that Dante likes Spider-Man so much, most of his birtday presents were Spidey-related.

By the time we’re done with the presents, some of the parents showed up to pick their kids up. Three other kids got picked up late, I personally think it’s kind of rude. We were exhausted after 2 1/2 hours, definitely not looking forward in babysitting somebody else’s kid any longer. Note to self: next time try Chuck E. Cheese!

All in all, it was an ambitious yet successful birthday party. Glad we could make Dante’s 5th birthday memorable for him.