“It’s the thought that counts.”

… and don’t worry about the Credit Card bills afterwards? Yea right. But I do appreciate hubby’s intention for doing something nice for me. When he purchased bunch of women clothing from an online merchandise liquidators, for me, I yelped when he told me how much money he had spent. Nine freakin’ hundred dollars! And when I said ‘bunch’, I meant 200 pieces of clothing!

Doug (excited): “But they worth fifteen hundred dollars. Don’t you think it was a good deal?”
Me (panicking): “Yeah… but aren’t we kind of tight with our budget because of my braces?”
Doug: “Nahh… we’re good. Don’t worry. Besides, it’s too late now, I’ve already purchased them.”
Me: “You didn’t! Besides, I don’t need a hundred pieces of clothing.”
Doug: “You aren’t supposed to be upset, hun. It’s for you. Besides… ahem, the 100 pieces come in different sizes. From XS, Petite, Medium, Large, XL, to funky sizes like XP, 4P, 16W and stuff like that.”
Me: “What am I supposed to do with those?”
Doug: “I don’t know…”

Oh dear…

That was actually last week’s conversation. I wasn’t really paying attention nor waiting for it until today. He got home with 3 big boxes (they were sent to his office) and excitedly asked me to open them after supper. It was actually fun… to open these boxes and trying them on. I usually wear size M, but most of them -being a rejected products- were mislabeled. I found a cute top with XL tag but fit me nicely. I was surprised to see the actual prices on most of the tags. Being a DKNY, Nine West, Ralph Lauren, most of them were originally tagged around $70-$100. Goodness gracious! *grandma Lu would say* unless it’s a special occassion, I wouldn’t spend that much money on a piece of clothing. Maybe when I was younger, single, with no kids…

Out of the 200 pieces of clothing, I managed to pick 20% that I like and fit me. That’s like 40 neat tops that I could wear to work, party, concert, or travel. I’d say 90% of them are for fall or winter season. Perfect timing!

What to do with the rest? Well, we’re thinking of selling them with 3 options: eBay, friends/neighbors, or garage sale. I’m too lazy to do the eBay way; take picture of every single one with multi angle, upload, dealing with the payment, packaging and shipping… aaaaargh! Too much. Selling them to friends and/or neighbors is a PIMA (pain in my ass) because you have to either a) haul them to work or b) have it at home and make sure your house (at least one room) is clean and tidy. We opted the garage sale. Besides, I have some old clothes I’d like to get rid off. Kids toys and outgrowned clothing, are the other stuff to sell. But this ain’t vacation, either. Got to clean the garage, organize the stuff, clean them, price them, put up the ad, etc. But we had done this before, and it was actually fun.