Thank you, thank you, thank you. Finally, after 10 days, my mouth is starting to feel better.  The nurses were right, they said that the sores inside the cheeks and around my gum would turn into callous and by then I won’t be in too much pain. I am getting used to it now. I used to dab a big chunk of wax on the particular part of the braces to minimize the painful rubbing against the sores. I don’t have to do it now! Yee-haw!

The other thing is, I was able to eat stuff other than mashed potatoes, mashed bananas, or mini wafers. That was my big relief. I like to have lost some weight, but after 9 pounds (4 kilos), my pants are starting to look droopy. I am enjoying roast beef sandwich with lots of au jus again, eating grapes (still need to cut them up in half), and Oreos!

Next goal: chips and salsa!!!