Hubby tried to apply for a life insurance with Allstate. Fill out the paperwork and such, and he was denied because he travelled to Indonesia in the past. Among the other countries he had visited in the past that he put on the list, Allstate thinks that he was living his life dangerously by visiting Indonesia once in 2001. They were fine with Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Jamaica, St. Martin, Costa Rica, Aruba, Curacao, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Mexico, and Argentina.

No further explanation was given but a bid ‘DENIED’.

I understand that it’s their policy. I shouldn’t take this personally but to ‘screw them… let’s try somebody else’. But when I counsulted this with other people, they were flabbergasted and thought that Allstate was profiling him and the country of Indonesia.

No wonder a lot of people dislike insurance people.