I am a loser. I had to go back to my orthodontist this morning already. Last night we went out for dinner at the Hickory Park (eek!). Kids and hubby wanted to ‘celebrate’ the day I got my braces on by taking me out to a BBQ restaurant (go figure… braces and ribs don’t go together, right?).

In the middle of waiting for the food (I wasn’t even chewing anything), I felt something popped in my mouth. I thought, “Oh great… what now?” I did a quick search with my tongue, tried to be as discreet as possible, but I couldn’t find ay foreign object in my mouth. Nor I feel any discomfort (at that point).

Then the food came. I, of course, didn’t order the ribs. It was a plate of BBQ chicken’s piece with side dishes like mashed potato and  cottage cheese. I took a bite of the chicken with my front teeth, felt fine, and continue chewing with my back teeth. Omg, it felt weird. Can’t really describe the feeling, it was a mix of numbness and some weird feeling that has to do with the braces being attached to my teeth. After a couple of bite, I noticed some pokey feelinf on the inside of my right cheek. First poke, I thought, “Ouch!” but continue chewing slower. The next poke was more like, “Shit… it hurts!” and completely stopped chewing the yummy BBQ chicken. Feeling bummed, I ate my side dishes slowly. Hubby felt sorry seeing me so miserable, he ordered a strawberry shortcake ice cream for me *smile*

So that’s why I called my orthodontist office and was seen this morning. Maybe it was just me being such a whimp, couldn’t handle a poking wire. But hey… with the amount they’re charging me, I have all the rights to whine!

It was a sweet and fast in and out appointment. They took a quick look, snipped it shorter, readjust here and there and off I go. They did advice for me to put some wax on the part that is bothering me so it won’t hurt too much. Also for me to be prepared for some sores in my mouth, not only because of some poking wires, but because my mouth is not generally used to the braces. Great.