Today was the day I put myself at the orthodontist’s mercy. She’ll have the power to put me in great pain and suffer for the long 36 months. She’d fix my crooked teeth and overbites. Will I be able to last til then? Will I soar as a winner 3 years from now? I sure hope so. I’ve lost 8 teeth already, endured the pain (to some extent), incapable of indulging the luxury of culinary,and sold my soul to the devil for five grand or so to pay for this. I shall face the pain with a lot of Advils in hand!

Felt nervous last night. Wasn’t able to eat supper nor breakfast this morning. Read way too much literature on what’s going to happen on the day the braces are put on, it scared the bejesus out of me. Like this one, for example. Two hours procedure? Gawd!

At noon, I brushed and flossed my teeth real good at work (just like they wanted me too), snapped a picture in the car for the ‘before’ picture and drove to the orthondontist’s office. First step was to take all the spacers out. Off with those little blue devils. Sure was glad. But wait… who said you’re allowed to feel relief? It’s time to put the bands on. And holy shit… it hurt! My back teeth which were still sore from being pushed were tortured when they tried to adjust the right size of brackets to fit.

Assistant: “Umm… let’s see. I think this medium one should fit your lower molar.” Pushing the too-small-metal-band into my tooth. “Theeeeere. How does it feel? Nice and tight?”

Me [whimpered with mouth wide open]: “Owwwww…”

Dental Assistant: “Oops. Too small. Let’s take it out and try a bigger one.” Yanked the too-small-metal-band which were secured tightly out of my molar with some kind of pliers.

Me [with eyes shut real tight]: “…”

This process was repeated maybe about a dozen more time for a total of 6 bands. She actually apologized for hurting me, but then she was kind of blaming it to my ‘out of alignment’ teeth. Wtf? That’s why I’m here, duh… Besides, you took panoramic X-ray and did impression of my teeth (molds). You should’ve known that my teeth aren’t alligned perfectly.

Then entered my orthodontist. The next step was to put those brackets onto each and every tooth. But first of all, she dried my teeth and put a clear solution they called ‘cement’ so the braces would stick on my teeth. A blue high intensity plasma light is then quickly applied to the surface of the bracket to set the bond. They did the bottom ones first, the ones with the metal color. They asked me to get up and go to the rinsing area to rinse the ‘cement’ residue away. I looked at myself in the mirror and gasp, “Omg… this is really happening!” I guess it’s too late to walk away.

They then did the upper one with transparent brackets. Asked me to get up to rinse my mouth again (sheesh… with the amount of money they’re charging, you’d think they’d be able to have a rinsing area in each rooms). These babies looked so much better than the metal ones. Wished I had chosen everything in transparent, but that’d required additional couple of hundred dollars.

Done with the hard work, the orthodontist stepped out and let her assistant finished up by attaching the arch wire to the brackets and also the little rubber bands that go around the brackets. Ooooh, I got to pick a color for the bands from the color palettes. What a thrill!

Tightening here and there… cutting the edge of the wires here and there so it won’t poke my cheeks (supposedly)… and off I go.

Just a precaution, I popped in 2 pills of Advil before leaving that office.