I was excited to see an email entitled ‘You got a nephew’ from my brother back home  this morning. My sister Chika had a baby! Two days earlier than the actual due date, the baby was born on Aug 24th (Indonesia’s time) around 2 pm. They named him Muhammad Mahesa Mahardika (nick name 3M? he heh…). I was going to give my sister a call right away, but I noticed that it’d be 11 o’clock at night there. So I waited until it’s night time here (Sunday morning 8/26 there) to call my sister’s cell phone. Evidently, they were still at the hospital due to the fact that she had a C-section. The conversation did not go so smoothly, probably it’s because of the firewall around the hospital rooms. She did promise to email me all the details and pictures of her newborn son, Mahesa.