Today is Davi’s first day back to school. She is now a first grader. Time sure flies too fast. Last year I shed a tear (or two)  when she got on that bus, this time I did not. I was too proud to see her had grown up to be a big girl that she is now. She’s been having a great summer with her friends at Kids Club (the staff were great too). She was happy to be back to school, anxious to see who’s going to be her classmates. Some of her friends from Kindergarten will be in the same room, although she was not very pleased to find out that one particular boy is one of them.

“He’s naughty, Mom.”
“Well, all kids are naughty to some point, hun. You too, sometimes.”
“But he’s always in trouble. He’s not listening to the teacher and mean, too.”
“Is he mean to you?”
“Sometimes. He likes to run around, being loud, and banging on stuff.”
Sounds like this little boy has ADHD

As a ritual starting last year, I took a picture of Davi before she goes on the bus. I have her standing by a tree in front of her room window -to show (in time) how much she’d grown. I asked Dante to be in the picture, since it’s a rather special day for him too.

At work, all moms shared their story on how sad they were today; related to back to school issue. Deb, one of our nurses, had to argue with her youngest because he refused to have his picture taken. He’s a senior in high school now maybe he felt he’s too old for that. But mom (Deb) argues -in tears- that she’s been doing it forever and that word is an ultimatum.

Jamie, the other nurse, had a tough time this afternoon because her youngest daughter flew to NYC today to start college. While Vickie, our radiology tech, was also sobbing due to the fact that her youngest is entering college today.

And just to top it off, today’s rainy and gloomy…