The soreness in my mouth had finally gone away yesterday after this horrible procedure. Sheesh, it took almost 10 days to healed up, it traumatized me. There’s a point in time during the healing process that I had regretted the decission to do this. But it’s life… you need to be ready to sacrifice something in order to achieve some kind of betterness.

Some of my tooth sockets have not healed up yet. Everytime I eat something, I have to do extra cleaning to make sure there will be no food debris got stuck in there and cause dry sockets. However, I am scheduled today to go to my orthodontist to have some spacers (separators) put on. Again, I’ve been hearing a lot of discomfort stories related to this. I thought to myself, “What else is new? If I can survive multiple teeth extraction, I should be able to handle this.”

I chose the after work hour so I could just go home after the torture. The actual procedure itself took less than 10 minutes and done by the assistant. I had no idea before, what’s this gadget called ‘spacers’ are going to look like. When they showed it to me, I almost laughed. It’s just a tiny rubberband-like thing that is positioned between two teeth to separate them in order to create a gap between them. This gap is needed for when the braces are ready to be put on. They placed 7 of them in my mouth. The actual process of placing them in was like a painful flossing ritual. You can imagine, trying to insert something -even though that thing is so small- between your teeth to separate them, not a pleasant experience. Well, this spacer is smaller than a penny, so I don’t think it’s going to hurt that much. Supposedly…

… and they’re blue. Bright blue. I asked, “Do you have other color? Like beige, or transparant, maybe?” The cute orthodontist assistant shook her head with a big smile showing her perfect teeth, “Nooooo… I’m sorry. All we have is blue.” Of course. You guys probably bought it in bulk.

So now when I smile or overexcitedly say ‘Hi!’ you’ll see there’s some blue thingy in my mouth.

So geekily purrrrty