With seven more days to go, I’m on a mission to shop for the school supply for Davi’s first grade classroom. I got a list of them from the school and it was actually not too bad. Unlike last year for Kindergarten, this one is way shorter. So I went to Target last night with the kids, and omg, it was crazy! Packed and crowded, almost like Thanksgiving Sale Day, we were hurrying to try to find the required school supply. It was almost quarter to nine at night and we haven’t gotten anything yet.

Target has a special section dedicated to ‘Back To School’ stuff. Trying to push the heavy ‘train’ cart (you know… the one where your kids could sit on it, not in it), zig-zagging through the crowds, while also trying to avoid knocking off stuff on the shelves. And what do you know… most of the stuff we needed, are out! Gone! Finito! Other panicked parents were frustrated and I noticed some of them tried to reached the shelf all the way back or flip over some boxes in search of the supply.

After a rather long wait at the check out, we walked out [half empty handed].

The next day, I hit Wal-Mart during my lunch break to get the rest of the supply. One of my co-worker asked me in disbelief, “You really think you’ll be able to drive all the way there and back, and shop, and wait in line to pay; all in an hour?”

… I did.

Wal-Mart was as crazy as Target last night. The weather was rather warm, maybe that’s why most people were cranky and impatient. Some of them were kind of rude and [almost] hysterical. Grabbing stuff from the shelves, throwing them into their carts, ripping off packages, geesh… are we cavemen or what?  

Note to self: try the online shopping next year. Or maybe Stapples. Or better yet: do not procrastinate.