School starts next week for my daughter. Heck, some other towns had already started. College kids, new and old, are  back in town. Little town Ames feels hectic and crowded. Heh… I’ve got to snicker for a little bit here. I came from a city with 11 million [and growing] population and I’m complaining about 50,000 pop? Wow… I must’ve been evolved to be an Iowan. My husband would be so proud of me.

Anyhoo… last night the kids and I went school clothes shopping while dad’s out for a date with his poker buddies. I learned from last year’s lesson that it’s just ridiculous to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars to buy kids clothing from expensive brands. But I excused myself because last year was the very first year for my baby to leave the comfort of her nest and enter the cruel cold world of school. So, as a caring and loving mother, I prepared my daughter with good clothing. He he he.

But seriously, it’s absurd on how some parents would go way and beyond shopping at Gap Kids, Old Navy, Oshkosh B’gosh, etc to make their kids look ‘better’ than others. And it repeated years after years. I guess it’s their privileges to spend hard earned money like that, who am I to judge, right? And what makes me want to vomit is, these ignorant parents who paid for and dressed their little girls like a skank. Ugh. Don’t get me started.  

Duck Worth Wearing saved the day for me. DWW is a very nice consignment store in our town which caters for infants, children and mom-to-be. They really screened the quality of stuff that consignors sell (especially clothes); and that’s where I got the school clothing from for my daughter this year. Yeap, I am not ashamed to say that I went to a ‘previously-owned’ store (nicer term for ‘used’ or ‘second hand’). Good deal, good stuff, what else could I ask for?