Fourty-eight hours after the surgery. Doing much better. Bleeding had stopped, thanks to the tea bag tricks. Yesterday was like a blur, since I kept taking the Hydrocodone every 6 hours to deal with  the pain. I couldn’t instantly falling asleep after taking it, I don’t know why it took so long for  my body to surrender.

Doug took the kids last night to Iowa City. They do need some time to get out from the house, just because I’m sick and miserable, doesn’t mean everybody has to suffer. So they went to Gary’s house to watch the meteor show. Left the house around 5-ish in the afternoon, and got home late at night when I was asleep.

Finally able to eat something, my diet up until today consists of Jello, instant noodle, Twinkies, and banana. I could smell the bacon Doug fried yesterday when making BLT, I was so jealous. No desire to smoke yet, I’m surprised.

Tried to brush my teeth extra careful, but I could only did the front ones. Still scared in doing the back ones. Other way of cleaning: gentle rinsing with warm salty water.

Let’s see, what did I watch yesterday? Umm, a Portugal horror/mystery Coisa Ruim which was interesting and Mark Wahlberg’s Shooter which wasn’t bad at all.

Hm, I hear the caramel ice cream’s calling me. I think I’ll watch another movie while treating myself with goodies.