Here I am. At 5 in the afternoon. Eight hours after the oral surgery. They did take all of my 8 teeth out; all 4 of the wisdom teeth, 3 molars, and 1 tooth right next to an upper right molar which had a root canal few years ago.

The surgery itself took 45 minutes. They then took me to a recovery area and I spent 20 minutes there, feeling groggy from the narcotics in my IV. The first thing I noticed when I sat down in the recovery area, that my mouth felt full and that I couldn’t keep it close. I brought my right hand up try to figure out, but the nurse told me not to and then explain, “You have some gauzes in there to stop the bleeding.” Cool. I couldn’t remember what I did or do but she said, “You should try not to open your mouth or talk too much. Keep the gauzes pressure the teeth, OK?” Oops, I hope I didn’t piss her off or say something stupid.

Then the goofy oral surgeon walked in and informed me that somehow in the middle of the surgery, one of my tooth had lost its filling. I was supposed to contact my dentist to have it replaced. Now sitting here in my bed, I’m thinking, “Should I pay for it or should the oral surgeon?”

Doug walked in at 10:30 am to take me home. With a mouth filled with bleeding gauzes, feeling drugged and sleepy, I couldn’t say anything much. All he said was that he got my pain killers and asked how I was feeling. I gave a hand gesture that I’m feeling so-so. “Are you in pain right now?” he asked. I shook my head.

At home, I went right to bed. Best to raise my head to maintain the forming of blood clot in my teeth sockets. Doug had creatively made a dual ice pack packed in a ziplock bags then inserted into the pipes of his clean pants made of parachute-like fabric. He wrap around those pipe pants with ice pack in them around my face and tied it on top of my head. Now I look either like a babboon with huge cheeks or like a pocong. Hey… anything to reduce the swelling.

I just felt like I close my eyes for a second when I heard Doug said, “Wake up, hunny. Time to change the gauzes.” Oh man, this is just like in the hospital after a child birth. It’s hard to get a good night sleep because either a nurse, a lab tech or a doctor kept bugging you even in the middle of the night.

I could tell from his face that my mouth condition wasn’t pretty. The gauzes were covered in blood and that he was having a hard time replacing them. All done, I went back to sleep.

Bedroom light turned on again and there he was, my loving but annoying hubby ready with another new batch of gauzes. Is it time, already? This time, one of the gauze he took out got some blood clot attached to it and freaked me out a bit. I haven’t drink anything since last night, my mouth is super dry and really thirsty. He gave me a glass of cold water. No straw, since the action of sucking can dislodge a blood clot that has formed. I took a sip, and the water just pouring out of my mouth, creating pretty blood stained on my shirt. I felt like a retard. “Why can’t you drink like normal?” he asked curiously. I gave him a killer look with some mumbling trying to say, “I don’t know! I just can’t drink!” Instead of sipping slowly, I then tried to gulp the water from the back of my throat. It worked. Phew.

“Do you want the pain killer?”
I nodded. Yes, yes, yes.
“You should take it with food. Want some Go-gurt?”
I shrugged my shoulders and nodded. Sure, whatever.
Swallowed two gulps of Go-gurt then the Hydrocodone with the same trick I did earlier.
“What do you want to do now?”
I pointed at the TV screen.
“Wanna watch a movie?”
“Which one?”
Doug grabbed the pile of DVDs and started reading the titles.
I gave a thumb up on thriller movie ‘Vacation‘ with Luke Wilson. Not so good.

Movie’s done, time for another gauzes changing. Still bleeding, we called the oral surgeon and was told that it’s normal for the bleeding to continue to 24 hr. Great. He recommended to use bag of black tea wrappen in the gauzes. It tasted icky, but it helped a bit. Watched another scary movie, The Descent. Wasn’t very goo either.

Hm, it’s time for another Hydrocodone. My jaw’s starting to hurt a lot. Done with movies for a while, and  computer. I’ll try to go to bed and hopefully I’ll feel lot better the next mornig. Funny, I haven’t eaten anything but I’m not hungry.