Jakarta, Indonesia, eight years ago.
Very late night, in my best friend Mila’s car.
We were just leaving Zanzibar, a club pretty well known in South Jakarta.
We were intoxicated, and hungry.
Sound system in Mila’s car was blarring, everybody in the car were competing with each other’s falsetto.
At two in the morning, Jakarta is still merry. As always.
Especially on Friday night like this.
We’re heading to Blok S area, still in South Jakarta, a place known for it’s super late night food vendors. 
We were craving nasi goreng (fried rice).

Jakarta, Indonesia, about the same year.
Just got done with deadline.
It was a special edition, our magazine’s 5 year anniversary.
At 4 in the morning, we were getting ready to partay.
Almost the whole crew were packed in 4 cars -a 1970s Volkswagen van, a 1990s Toyota Accord sedan, a Jeep Cherokee, and an old Holden- leaving for the 24hr McDonald’s at Thamrin, Central Jakarta.
Back then, it was still allowed to smoke inside the restaurant.
We’re celebrating everybody’s hard work by having a very late and high in cholesterol supper.

Ames, Iowa, US, fast forward to the present time.
In my car listening to Gwen Stefani’s 4 in the Morning.
It amazes me on how a specific song could take your memory back to a certain scene in your past life.
It’s actually because of the melody, not so much of the lyrics.

How I miss Jakarta…