What is up with Britain and their fondness of zombies? I don’t usually like movies about zombies. I love scarry movies, but zombie-related is not very high on my list of likings. I prefer mystery horror like The Ring, The Others, The Exorcism of Emily Rose and the like. Until I watched Shaun of the Dead couple of weeks ago. Scary stuff with some funny heavily British-accented dialogues. I got hooked. Then last night, I watched  28 Weeks Later, a British post-apocalyptic science fiction horror movie. Both movies are about the undead. Live corpses. Zombies. The flesh-eater. Filled with exploding body, decapitation, blood vomiting, infection; everything a gore movie is all about. Hey… it’s not bad. Zombies could make a cool horror movie.

While Shaun of the Dead is a combo of horror and comedy, 28 Weeks Later is purely a horror movie with no touch of comedy at all. You are guarranteed to SOL (scream out loud) and jump in your seat every now and then. This is the sequel of 28 Days Later that was made in 2002, adopted from a graphic novel entitled 28 Days Later: The Aftermath written by Steve Niles.

I am actually surprised to see how good 28 Weeks Later is. I’ve never seen the first one before (28 Days Later), but having no problem at all understanding this sequel. What makes me ponder is: how did the filmmakers get the footage of empty London’s street? No cars or pedestrian in sight, how smart. It could be computer effects, but I remember reading somewhere in the Net that they were shooting for the scene where Tammy and Andy were wandering around empty street of the fictional District 1 area on a very early morning.

My favorite quote from this movie:

Scarlet: “It all makes sense. They are executing code red. Step 1: kill the infected. Step 2: containment. If containment cannot be done, then Step 3: extermination.”