A lot of people at work are talking about riding their bicycles to work recently. Something about saving the earth if not saving some money due to the spiking price of gas. From so many people who talked about that great idea, I only know two who are actually doing it. Good… I thought I was the only slacker. I’m not trying to talk my way out of it, but at least hear me out:

  1. Freakingly hot hot hot (did I mention hot?) and humid summer weather. If I shower at home before I go to work, I might have to shower again when I got to the office.
  2. My husband and I take turn in taking the kids to/from daycares. I don’t think I want to ride my bike with the kid’s wagon to work. Plus, my son’s daycare is on the other side of town.

I mean, I’m hip with saving the earth and everything. That’s why I switched from driving a Toyota Sienna XLE to a ‘clown car’ Scion Xa. My Scion only gulps gasoline half of a tank compared to my previous minivan. Heaven knows the humiliation I endured since I got ‘Cherrie’, my clown car. Snotty little comments about the size of it and even dicrimination on the road from those big ass trucks. Ah, who cares… I’d be the last one smiling when paying at the gas station and feeling so thankful that it doesn’t hurt my wallet so much.

So there. I did my part on saving the earth (and tackle the cruelness of pricey gasoline) without having to ride a bike to work. Good for my health? I bet. But I’d probably complain about some knee or back pain afterwards. Nahh… I’ll pass.