Haven’t heard of this band before. Not until I watched Blake Lewis’ performance on American Idol this year’s season. He sang ‘All Mixed Up’ by 311 and I thought it was cool. Not so great but very entertaining because of two reasons: (1) Hip hop reggae; what more could you ask? (2) Blake’s beat box add the coolness point to the song. When Blake’s done, two of the judges (Paula and Randy) told him that they’ve never heard of this song before but they liked it. But then after all the judges were done with their judgement, Ryan Seacrest announced that the song was from the 311 band, which is happen to be Blake’s favorite band. And that’s when I first like them too.

What’s cooler is the fact that 311 originates from Midwest; Omaha, NE, to be exact. These guys play hip hop, punk rock, ska, reggae, and funk musical style. When they remake The Cure’s ‘Love Song’, I didn’t really like it at first. I thought, “Who dares screw The Cure’s song up?” But after awhile, 311’s version of this song had grown on me. Awesome video clip too!

Then comes along ‘Amber’. A love song brilliantly written by 311 about a beautiful energy of presence about a girl. Awwww… what a load of crap. Anyway, I personally think this song is a great song for cruisin’.

“Whoa,  amber is the color of your energy” doo be doo be dum