What a weird week for SYTYCD. First of all, I think my new favorite pair, Sara and Chuy, did awesome. Danced to “It’s Okay (One Blood)” by The Game feat. Junior Reid, I thought they did great on the Krumping routine. Sara was in her comfort zone (she’s a B-girl -breakdancer- after all) and nailed the routine coreographed by Lil’ C like a gangsta. Chuy, who’s not as gangsta as Sara, performed tough too. Honestly, one wouldn’t be able to tell that Chuy’s background dancing is actually Contemporary. Watching him as a Krumper, hard to believe that he could beautifully do the twirls as well.

Wouldn’t you know, Sara and Chuy were on the bottom three this week. Sara did her solo, and so did Chuy. While Sara was safe, Chuy had to leave. It made me so mad, because he’s way better than Cedric who’s been struggling from the first week.

Injustice numero dos: Miss Jessie. Sweet, fun, and hip Jessie. Poor Jessie, she was sent home with no explanation from the jury. Based on her interview here, it was probably because of the liability due to her incident before her performance. She was so dehydrated during practice, they had to call paramedics for her. She failed to dance with her partner, Pasha, on the big night. Pasha had to dance with the coreographer’s assistant and they were awesome. Should’ve been, because they’re like the ‘master’ of the routine picked: Cha Cha. Jessie came back the next night, redid the dance with Pasha and they were smokin’ with “Let’s Get Loud” by J-Lo. Jessie got the penalty of being an addition to the bottom three, did her solo like the other three girls, and got sent home. Personally, among the four, Jessie did better than Anya. Yet, Jessie got sent home. Bummer.