I’m not very impressed with this week’s episode, other than Sara and Chuy’s unorthodox paso doble. It’s a very risky part from the coreographer, Jean-Marc Genereux, to use Queen’s song of ‘We Will Rock You’ remix. Even though it is rather awkward to watch a paso doble routine with a rock ‘n’ roll song, both dancers did the routine superbly. But then again, it doesn’t hurt to try something new, right? Keep an open mind, that’s been my philosophy.

I’ve grown to like this couple better than my original favorites: Lauren and Hok. Both Sara and Chuy are very likable and humble. Lauren’s not doing as great as I’d hope, maybe it’s the coreography, maybe it’s the partnering, I’m not sure. Still liking Hok, he’s a great dancer with good personality too.