Summer officially starts today.
The weather’s unbelievably hot (90 something degrees).
It’s steamy, sticky, and humid out there *coming from a person who was born and raised in a tropical country, this is bad*
Summer’s here, and it came with a bang.

At 5 o’clock today, we had a tornado warning.
It came out of nowhere, and coming in quickly.
I drove right through it from work.
Not so smart of me, but I just want to get to my kids who were in daycare.

The wind was so strong, the rain poured so hard, and the sky was dark.
I kept on driving while the radio announcer advised motorists to pull over and seek shelter (get down in a ditch if you must).
I was just a mile away from my daughter’s daycare, but I had to turn around and go home.
It was worsening.

Do not try to attempt to outrun the tornado!” warned the radio announcer.
Just half a mile away from home. I floored the gas pedal.
If you’re on the road, pull over and seek shelter,” he repeated.
Just a quarter of mile away. Screw the stop sign.

Got home at 5:10 pm, tried to get a hold of both daycares.
No answer. I started to panic.
Husband is out of town, I’m home alone with our dog Max in the basement, trying to be safe from the tornado.
“I hate this… I hate this… I hate this,” I mumbled.

Couldn’t work the TV in the guest bedroom.
I need to see the live report about the weather.
For some reason, my brain just quit working.
Frantically pushing all buttons, all I got was the fuzzy channel.

Frustrated, I walked out from the safety of the bedroom and look out through the basement windows.
It was twenty past five, they said the tornado should cleared up at 5:30.
“Look clear to me,” I thought.

What the heck… I’m going to get my kids!

Summer sure is here, and it came with a bang.